The Last 6 Months

As I stand on the cusp of yet another career pivot, I thought I would take a look at the past 6 months and how *exactly* I got to this point. It may look linear, but really it’s not. Somehow this year – well the first half anyway, it’s been full. I actually have no idea what the next 5 months will hold and that’s kinda wonderful and kinda scary. I am also sure that The Universe is somewhere literally wetting itself. I’m going to start from January and work up to the present, so you have an idea of where I’ve been putting my energy when I’ve not been working or at the gym or planning/dreaming of holidays!

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And then?

I am winning my second Special Libraries Association Award this June. Specifically the SLA Rising Star Award.  I knew my nomination had gone in (Thanks Emma!) but winning things never seems like a Thing that happens to me, until it does. Now, it hits me at random moments, and I’m like, oh yeah I’ve won an award! Also, some truly brilliant people have won this award in previous years, some of whom I’ve followed on Twitter for years and now suddenly I’m like them? It’s a very strange way for impostor syndrome to rear its disfigured head!

It’s funny, this time around, I’ve announced it on Twitter and LinkedIn, and beyond that, I’ve not made a Big Thing of it because well, life!  And because of certain personality quirks (quirks that therapy have not quite been able to remove) I never really sit down and really revel in the Feeling of Winning, because when it comes down to it, winning awards isn’t the reason why I do what I do and nor do I look at awards as the be all, end all of my career achievements.

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A Brief Hiatus

A quick one from me.

I will be taking a much-needed holiday for the next few weeks and as a result will not be blogging until I’m back in mid-May. I have so many things I want to blog about and I’m hoping while I’m away I’ll be able to jot the ideas down on paper in preparation for MORE WRITING for the rest of the summer.

I have so many exciting things coming up that I want (need) to take some time to process them all.

See you in May!


Support Networks aka Library Pals

Since coming back to librarianship one of the things I’ve been most grateful are the library pals that have for whatever reason still decided to keep talking to me. Not in a weird I WANT A JOB AT YOUR COMPANY type way (true story, someone only kept in touch with me for that reason in previous roles – I hear nothing from them now) but in an actual hey, how’s work going, what’s your career plan, how can we help each other type way. For the most part it is women (but guys are welcome too obvs) and it made me realise how invaluable the whole ‘support network’ thing is.

I’m going to try and explain something that is really intangible – that glistening line between friendship and professional pals. It is hard because they are my friends in a traditional sense of the word BUT I only know them because of libraries (hence library pals) and they fit into a different part of my life. Like I said, it’s tough! I’ve always liked Cher’s (Clueless not the singer!) philosophy of friends/people insofar that we all fulfil different needs for different people and we can’t be all things to all people and vice versa. Continue reading →

On Asking for Help/Guidance from People You Don’t Know

Of late, I’ve had people asking me to do things, for help with things and generally just asking questions. Now, before I sound churlish, it’s wonderful and amazing and so many other things to be in a position to help other people, and actually, to be someone that people ask for help with #stuff. However, there is a way to do it and a way not to do it. I wrote a post a week or so ago (Hierarchy) which outlines all the ways to not do it. So this week, I thought I would talk about how you should do it. Continue reading →

Clinical Evidence Based Information Specialist Part IV

This week has been rife with wonderful (tiring) experiences both at work and outside of work (but still kinda work related) BUT I thought I would focus on the work-related things for this post. Mainly because they add an additional facet to my work as Clinical Evidence Based Information Specialist. So what did I do? WARD ROUNDS, JOURNAL CLUBS Oh my! Continue reading →


I have experienced hierarchy my whole life – as have we all. But it has never been more apparent than when I was at Oxfam and working in health libraries. Your worth depends on how long you have worked somewhere and your job title as opposed to the skills that you bring to the table. It runs counter to everything I believe, but such is #librarylife.

I have real issues with a person’s abilities being limited to what their job title is. OR their ability to affect change. Our abilities don’t shrink and expand with our job titles or postnominals but rather the sum of our experiences that we bring to each interaction/role we inhabit.

What is hierarchy: 

(n) A system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority.

(Taken from everyone’s favourite hegemonic language gatekeeper – The Oxford Dictionary) 

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